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Abbi, The Right Brainy Kid

According to google, Right Brain is the right-hand side of the human brain, believed to be associated with creative thought and the emotions.

According to (hey! it’s my fav sites ever!) , people with right brain is easily swept up by your imagination, or it could be people with right brain has an easier time writing a silly message on their bills than actually calculating tip, or… Well, you surely can look it up on 19 Everyday Struggle Of Being A Right-Brained Person by yourself.

As a person with the right brain dominance, I could not agree more. Well, some of them can relate to. Particularly it’s the part of “you need to have music on when doing work, even though it can make your mind wander”

YES!  I do that a lot. I’m the person who gets difficult on focusing a thing. Everytime I do work, of course there will be music on, but later, my mind will wander through somewhere, and my eyes will be just staring blankly. No wonder, if a friend used to call me ‘a dreamer’

Speaking of right brain, I’m more attracted to pictures than numbers, more attracted to fantasy than reality, more attracted to art than science. I love spending time reading, watching and creating the photograph of toys. Through, toying with toys, I could find a little me, an inner child inside me. I could even ‘talk’ to them, or just ask them to do a pose for me. I treat them like my imaginary friends.

Still, about right brain. I guess every single one of us ever had asked to draw something at kindergarten. Am I right? Yet, we did that gladly, even though, most of us will draw twin mountain with a road in the middle. At least, we evidently have a creativity inside us.

Unfortunately, there only few people who retain their desire to draw. The rest of us were leaving the kindergarten habits as a little painter. We were told by adults, being a drawer or a painter will not make you successful in life. Doubtless, we left them all behind.

Moreover, I recently was told by a friend. He met a wonderful kid with great right brain. I honestly write this post, because I want to show him off around. Additionally, being a person with strong right brain is not embarrassing at all. Even though, your thoughts maybe a little weird for most people, but still they cannot disrespect you.

Just like this little boy. He is from a broken home family, presumed as a weirdo, but we think, I personally think he is admirable.

Here a little story about the boy with great right brain. Courtesy of Danandriyo Arief

Abbi Gusma Terryno

“I’ve got a little friend called Abbi, who is in the third grade of an elementary school. Abbi lives with his mother in a small village in Sragen, Central Java.

He is a wonderful kid with the great right brain!
I immediately became of his first greatest fans when I saw his works that he had made.
Hopefully, you will love them too :)

All picture and information in this album are done by abbi

*PS: I currently support Abbi to create the time machine! :D”

There are some of Abbi’s work:

…Apa kodok itu penasaran sama kura kuranya? (source: Danandriyo Arief Favebook)

…Apa kodok itu penasaran sama kura kuranya? (source: Danandriyo Arief Favebook)

Hoth Dari Film Star Wars (source: Danandriyo Arief Favebook)

Hoth Dari Film Star Wars (source: Danandriyo Arief Favebook)

Haswerd Turbo (source: Danandriyo Arief Favebook)

Haswerd Turbo (source: Danandriyo Arief Favebook)

Hay Day (source: Danandriyo Arief Favebook)

Hay Day (source: Danandriyo Arief Favebook)


They all are outstanding, RIGHT?

The rest of his work are also amazingly great, even though he is only a third grader 😉

For kids like him, it should not be underestimate. We as an adult should encourage them more creative thinking, instead of degrading them.

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Worst Critic

One fine evening. Well, I shall say not quite fine, but let’s just go with fine.

One fine evening, I was reading a book during my flight. While the old guy who sat next to me was sleeping and snoring. Nah, I wasn’t annoyed though.

Before, I tell you why I’m attached to the book, well especially this part. So, I just made a big mistake days ago. It left a little scar in my mind. The first time I did this wrong, even though I did not mean to, but once it was a mistake, it would be a mistake forever. Well, it was alright though, I did try to fix. Just show a fully responsibility. Storm has passed by, anyway.

SO, I came across this wise words though. It was in my book that I’m currently reading. I agreed. I completely agreed. I did not blame anyone, I blame myself for my stupidity.

Am I reckless? YEAH.

Clumsy? YEAH.

Human Error? YEAH

Just a human being after all? Well, yeah.

Let’s not taking it easy as there is always a human error.

Speaking about responsibility. Yes, Im responsible for whatever happened.

Did I get judge? Might. I don’t take it too hard.

What I care is, I already did the best. I did not get mad, I was shocked, yes absolutely. The rest? I will be waiting for whatever would happen.

Anyway, this is the words. It currently describes thousand words for me.

This is so TRUE.

Source: whatever you think, think the opposite book

Source: whatever you think, think the opposite book




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