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My Cock(roach) Story

I saw my phone and then it hits me… “whaaaaaat?? It is freaking november 9, I have paid a year domain and hosting for nothing?”

YES, it’s my biggest fault, been 2 months hiatus… Well, it seems to have an AWOL. I’m here, being present, right here, live the healthy life but just too busy (and major super lazy) so, I’m not really going anywhere.


My life has been treating me well, still treating me well. Some ups, some downs happen tho, but I guess it’s life, isn’t it?

I was busy, I’m busy. Busy with what? With my daily life, wake up at blabla am, go to work, go to eat, go to hangout, do some shits, then go to bed. Nothing is special, if it was special, my writing didn’t end up like this. Don’t know what to write, bro. I’ll just let my hand to dance all over my laptop, also my brain is racing like a flying cockroach try to avoid some acid.. Ouch!

Oh yeah, speaking of a cockroach. One fine evening on lovely Sunday, I was so tired from back and forth to the airport, I came back home at around 6pm, was hoping I would have a chill and relax night. I took a shower, then I caught glimpse of a shiny brown creature, I stood rigid for a half minute, then I hesitated continue my shower.

I walked to my bed room, did some scrub to my body then suddenly I saw this shiny browny creature was at my kitchen… OH NO!! There he was (i think it’s ‘he’) running freely around my kitchen, my luggage, my fridge, even to my box of lego! EW! Don’t ya know, you’re so disgusting, mr. cockroach… EW!

While he rested on my wall, I was ready with broom on my left hand, then holding a baygon on the right hand. Oh yeah, I was soooo well prepared for the battle! I sprayed baygon to him, but he FLEW towards ME!!! I screamed, ran to the balcony, I forgot it was still locked! duhhh….

I had to call a technician from my apartment, I didn’t want to deal with cockroach alone. Yes, coward! Anyhow, my technician did well. He found the cockroach who was dying from pesticide. I got a trauma (lol), I kept my light on the whole night.

For the next few days after the traumatic event (LMAO!), I entered my apartment carefully, looked up, down, left, right, all over the place to make sure it was okay to be inside!!!

Dude, please don’t laugh at me…. It is so DISGUSTING, yet TRAUMATIC. I did wonder why the hell universe keeps cockroaches alive. I just don’t get it *eyes widely open

*ya know what, I write this cockroach story while yelling a bit, I feel something crawling on my skin, but its actually nothing 😐

OK, my writing today comes to an end. Because I crave for banana milk. CIAO!

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 November 9th, 2016  
 Nora Setiawan  
 Curcol, Random  
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