Kena Toyor


Life Crisis Poetry

The Quarter plus Five years of Adult Life Poetry.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a poem at all. I wonder why you wasting time to scroll up and down. This is just random writing of 30s life crisis. But, there you go!


My friends put their children
to bed every night,
I’m just swiping right
and left while on bed.

My friends bought
a house…yeayy
I bought
tons potato chips
That’s what I can afford

People at my age
going on a date
I also go on a date
with my nintendo
attached to my hands

My friends are out
for drinks in the weekend
I’ve got plans instead
to spend my weekend
cooking inedible pasta

Our date(s) were magic
Until he ghosted away

Most of people are rich
at least, on Instagram
Unlike me, munching
stalled cake from the fridge
and gained some kilograms

Seeing a sexy abs man
on Instagram, and wishes
he is mine
Until, found out he’s actually
doesn’t like my gender

Finally, tinder-matched
with very cute guy
He said, can we have an orgasm
on the top of our faces?
Then, I pretend
to be a potato





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