Kena Toyor


A Birthday Present

“I barely buy something for somebody with money..”

“Uhmm.. Pardon? You’re stingy, eh?”

“I always make something even though it’s ugly but at least, I put a lot effort in it, and not everybody can make whatever i make”

“Like what?”

“I drew a picture for my mother’s birthday, and I can’t draw. I wrote happy birthday greeting in chinese for my father when I was in high school, it was because I learned chinese, and I didn’t like learning chinese.”

“What else do you do?”

“I draw a birthday cake on wall then mash it up with the toys. Take a picture of it. Create a toy photography with simple drawing for somebody who used to be special. My drawing is like a kindergarten kid’s, I love my toys, I like taking toy pictures but I don’t think he’d like it”

“Then, why did you do?”

“Because kid.. I tell you what.. It doesn’t matter if they like it or not, I believe it will be the way to remember them about us.”


“I was told by my math private tutor, if you love somebody, and you want to give them something, make them something instead of buying something. It may not change their feeling about you, but at least, they will remember you, because I bet no one would treat them like that…”

“Oh wow…”

“It works. I have been there. Feel so special when people make you something, because you can buy everything if you have money. It won’t be so special anymore….”


Then, we both smile from ear to ear today.


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